Angel Care Programs

The Angel Care Program

The number of parents that are losing their children is growing at an astonishing number. No Matter if it is by an accident, suicide, or an illness the loss of a child is an unbearable pain.

After losing a child the emotions of sadness, grief, and pain will become overwhelming. No parent has even considered the next steps of having to bury or cremate their child, let alone the expenses that they are about to incur. The thought alone will add overwhelming stress to all of the other emotions that the parent is already experiencing.

The Morgan Breanna Hicks Foundation’s “Angel Care Program” was created to help support the parent/guardian with the financial part of their journey.

The “Angel Care Program’s” goal is to provide financial assistance and support to those families that are economically dis-advantaged or low income. Every family will have different needs that are unique to them. Once The Morgan Breanna Hicks Foundation has reviewed and assessed if the family qualifies, we will then assess the needs and provide financial assistance to help cover a portion of the cost.

The services that we will help cover for Traditional Funeral Service, Cremation Funeral Service, or Cremation includes, but not limited to…

  • Transportation of the body to the funeral home
  • Professional Preparation (Embalming, Cosmetic Care, etc.)
  • Storing of the body
  • Visitation and ceremony charges
  • Merchandising Options (caskets, urns, etc)
  • Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Cremation of body
  • Refrigeration of the body
  • Death Certificates

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